B12, the latest pick-me-up for body and skin

B12, the latest pick-me-up for body and skin

B12 seems to be the wonder-vitamin du jour at the moment. Sold as the answer to skin woes and sluggish days, over the last month we’ve put it to the test using TimeBomb’s Complexion Cocktail with B12 for the skin, and 6 Vitamin Shots to wean us off the growing Red Bull reliance for energy during the day.

So. Did we get buzzed, or just a bee in our bonnet? (Sorry not sorry.)


A little about Vitamin B for energy

Someone with a B12 deficiency would be tired, sluggish, weak with a loss of appetite. Left untreated it can be a cause of depression and poor memory. So this vitamin is needed to enjoy life. Literally.

It can be found in beef liver and clams (what a delicious thought) as well as fish, meat, poultry and milk. Aside from that, though, food products need to be fortified with the vitamin. So unless your really healthy cereal at £12 a box states it contains B12, it won’t.

B12 is an ingredient in Red Bull. And so are a whole load of sugars, sweeteners and calories. I get through a few cans a day, so that’s a lot of added junk. The 6 shot promises exactly what Red Bull does, a boost of energy for gym bunnies, office workers and mums on the run. It contains many of the same ingredients, with none of the sugars and only ten measly calories.

Get this: it also has 20,000 times the RDA of B12.



So I gave it a go.

After a week I found my concentration levels were still low. Blame the stresses of work, an award nomination and just general life drama. The shot contains caffeine so did give me a much needed boost before meetings and on my commute (it’s five whole minutes so NEEDED).

At the end of the week, I didn’t get the instant mental clarity I expected. But the thing I liked about it the most is it’s handy. I don’t always need a turn-your-wee-flourescent-yellow can of sweet drink that will rot my teeth (thanks Dental PR fiancé for the constant reminder). The shots are perfect for my handbag for work, and the gym bag before a work out. It’s convenient and doesn’t see me running to the loo every half hour either.

I did a bit more research and although no studies have shown B12 alone will affect energy levels in people with sufficient intake, for those who have a limited diet or need a boost these are a great answer to sustained energy necked in one go. Definitely take these to any summer festivals you have planned – it’ll be worth it.

Each shot costs £2.50, or a box of 12 is £25. More info can be found here.

B12 for the skin

Hands up if your skin’s feeling tired and just a bit blah recently? With pollution, poor diet and not enough water during the day, this can leave skin thirsty and dry. B12 has been hailed as a wonder product for faces needing a big gulp of hydration.

Timebomb also contains a type of naturally occurring sugar called hyaluronic acid, which is used in dermal fillers (which gives new meaning to the phrase sugar lips) and mesotherapy injections to revitalise crêpey skin. Obviously the product won’t be sucked down deep into the dermal layers but as someone with a huge interest in aesthetics, I was intrigued to see how it would work on the top layers of skin.

Having spoken to a dermatologist, B12 has been shown to be effective in placebo-controlled trials for people with dermatitis. From the study, it was concluded that those using the B12 compared to the placebo creme had a very good response to the topical vitamin, compared with the placebo which scored very poor. So there’s weight to its skin saving claims.

But. Does it WORK?

The cocktail is a liquid, very thin and watery. You can apply it to a cotton pad and pat gently over the entire face, or I added about seven drops into the palm of my hand and applied it very much like I do my Vitamin C serum.

I have very dry skin normally, so I found the hydration of this product alone wasn’t enough for me and I needed to use my normal organic moisturiser on top of it. Probably not a great start for a supposedly hydrating wonder product. Had this been a lightweight creme it could have been a bit more useful, but then the reason it’s not in a base lotion is so there’s no dilution of product.

I didn’t really notice a instant difference in my skin after applying, but after a month of near-constant use my skin does look brighter and clearer. I’ve been travelling a lot recently and the bottle is a handy size for my washbag. Also, as it’s 100ml you can take it in your hand luggage for long haul refreshment. It’s not cheap at £24, but the bottle will last a good 2-3 months with daily use making it a great little investment.

Read more about Timebomb’s secret potion here.