Here’s how to… pack a suitcase like a ...

Here’s how to… pack a suitcase like a WAG


With a lifestyle most of us could only dream of – if being attached to someone like Wayne Rooney and his, er, face, is your idea of dreamy living –  it’s been revealed the average World Cup WAGs’ suitcases could be worth just under £7,000, making a Brit’s £315 spend look like a terrible effort.

So how can you pack a suitcase like a WAG? Oh it’s simple. You may just need a spare credit card or two to fund it though.

It starts with the luggage itself. No self-respecting Posh-wannabe would dare to be papped dragging along anything other than a designer case. TK Maxx? No thanks! Make sure you spend at least £800 so the baggage handlers know there’s a £300 bikini inside, obviously. Even better, have you assistant deal with the drudgery of check in while you sip champers in the first class lounge while tweeting endless selfies.

To show everyone you’re minted, start with a Chanel quilted bag worth £3,425, more than small car, or a five star all-inclusive holiday to Brazil in itself. Keep your phone and tissues in here.

You’ll need a bag to carry on all your designer make up so you can look fresh-faced on the tarmac, so a Mulberry Bayswater buckle weighing in at £1,200 is the way to go. With TWO INTERNAL SLIP POCKETS (OMG!) to hide all your goodies in, the suede lining will mean your gold and diamond encrusted iPad stands no chance of getting damaged in transit.

Now for the clothes. Louboutins, worn by everyone from the Zedders of the TOWIE crew to Kimmy K, are a definite feature. Wedges scream summer fun, and also scream overdraft, at £535 a pop. The great thing about them, though, is they can be worn around the pool while sporting your £246 Mara Hoffman swimsuit, and a £458 Versace kaftan. Hey, even WAGs need a bit over cover up now and then. And for the ultimate in stylish eye protection, Prada sunglasses are a steal at £200.

For after-footie fun, dress prices really do vary with a piece-of-string starting price from at least £600. Evenings spent coiffing hair and touching up make up really do require a dress worth at least that much, you see.

Personally, I couldn’t think of a better way to spend £7,000. After all, who needs a luxury stay in a treetop hotel on some idyllic paradise island for a month or three when you literally can spend that much on a day at the pool in Brazil?