Edinburgh Adventure: How to travel to Edinburgh

Edinburgh Adventure: How to travel to Edinburgh

We sometimes feel this little online magazine is a bit southern-centric. After all, with London on our doorstep and willing writers all being based in the capital, we don’t have enough time in the day (or pennies in the account) to warrant trips here there and everywhere.

But our Edinburgh Adventure was the exception.

After being tres jealous of bloggers heading up to our northern neighbour’s capital city, we decided it was time for a trip ourselves. So, after packing a bag, with not even so much as a guidebook to lead the way, we made to trip from London to Edinburgh one sunny-until-we-got-to-the-Midlands Friday.

How to travel to Edinburgh

Edinburgh has one airport, which is a 25 minute bus ride to Edinburgh’s West End. Tickets cost £4 one way, and the buses have plenty of room for backpacks and luggage. Great if you’re staying for more than just a fleeting weekend.

Edinburgh’s train stations are another option – Haymarket Station is located to the west of the city, and Edinburgh Waverley is more central, right next to the Royal Mile and it’s shops.


How we did it

With one hotel booked right next to Waverley Station and the other in the heart of Haymarket, we decided to train in, fly out. A train from London’s King’s Cross to Edinburgh Waverley (KGX – EDB) will take just under four hours, and drops you off right in the centre of the action. Expect off peak single train tickets to Edinburgh to cost upwards of £51 each from London, though if you’re savvy you can get a single ticket for as little as £30.

The East Coast train journey was lovely, stopping at my old home town of Peterborough and travelling up north through Newcastle. Seats are comfy and if you’re clever, like us, you can bag yourself a table next to a huge window. Drinks aboard are pricey, so grab a bottle of Proseco before you board. You can ask for plastic cups from the on board shop.

A flight from London to Edinburgh takes an hour, and as it’s internal you don’t need as much time to prepare (though you also won’t be able to stock up on Duty Free either…). You can fly with Virgin Atlantic, British Airways – highly recommended in this writer’s eyes – flybe and easyjet. Flights can be grabbed for £76 direct. Even with the shuttle bus into town, we think it’s a great way to travel.

We flew British Airways from Edinburgh to London City, and it was a great experience. We arrived at the airport to head home about three hours before gate opened. This really isn’t necessary as all check in gates have super simple and mega speedy self-check in booths. Just type in your flight number, change seats if you want, and it’ll print out your pass in no time. Of course if you are a nervous nelly and would prefer to get to the gate as soon as possible, there are a few little shops to keep you occupied.

All in all, we couldn’t believe how pleasant a journey it was. Even though the weather left a lot to be desired, we found the train really relaxing, and the flight very quick. Edinburgh stunned us with its beauty right from the start. Keep posted to check our favourite hotels, sights and eateries encountered on our Edinburgh Adventure.