The top five hidden gem bars in Glasgow

The top five hidden gem bars in Glasgow

Having never been north of Cumbria (which is *almost Scotland*) we were wondering what bars in Glasgow had to offer. So we asked Luke, of DesignMyNight, to come up with five bars in Glasgow that have a bit more to them than what meets the eye. From granny-chic-turned-cocktail-night to secret doorways, there’s a bar for everyone in this Scottish city.

Luke says: “Glasgow has a whole host of bustling bars, pretty pubs and care-free clubs, but with so many to choose from, planning a night out can become a nightmare in itself. But fear not, help is at hand! Check out our rundown of the best hidden nightlife nuggets Glasgow has to offer.”

The Butterfly and the Pig
Love a bit of kitsch? Then this one’s for you. Don’t be fooled by the cake stands, floral prints and granny-chic décor though, The Butterfly and Pig doubles up as a tearoom and hot-as-you-like nightlife spot, too. Open mics, quiz nights, DJs and sumptuous cocktails are available at this little city-centre number. Never judge a book by its cover, eh? Even if it is covered in flowers…

Flat 0/1

If you’re on a budget but don’t want to compromise on quirk, Flat 0/1 is well worth a look in. Designed to emulate a student flat of the 1970’s, this house party-cum-bar boasts a wild selection of drinks, ranging from cherry Lambrini to bespoke cocktails. Though on the cheaper end of the Glasgow nightlife spectrum, Flat 0/1 certainly doesn’t disappoint when it comes to its events. Movie nights, live music and raucous parties are just a few of the things on the menu at this hidden gem on Bath Street.


Shhhh. Chinaski’s is a secret Glasgow bar hidden behind the façade of an otherwise unassuming entrance, boasting late night tipples, a wide selection of drinks, and an exclusively cool vibe. If you can find it, the venue itself is distinctively unique featuring candle-lit tables and an impressive hidden terrace out back. Head here for a cool experience and tasty drinks, you won’t regret it.

The Flying Duck

Fun, quirky and pretty damn special, The Flying Duck is a hidden bar in Glasgow city centre boasting a shabby-chic vibe, featuring board games, epic club nights and free toast. Sounds like a weird combo doesn’t it? We won’t lie to you, it is. But it works! Totally original, the bar has a relaxed ambience like no other, and is a great place to experience whilst enjoying a few of their signature (and well-priced!) drinks.

Cocktail and Burger

As if you need to hear any more than ‘Cocktail’ and ‘Burger’ in the same sentence to be interested. Yes, it’s exactly what you think: a bar boasting amazing burgers, and even better cocktails! Though a little classier than your average burger joint, the venue has a separate bar area bustling with people heading over for ‘just drinks’, making the most out of C&B’s bespoke and signature cocktails. Long live Cocktail and Burger!