And now for the reviews that didn’t quite ma...

And now for the reviews that didn’t quite make it…

We all know the internet can sometimes really rave about products that are mediocre at best. Really? That lipstick changed your life? You bagged a new job and got a boyfriend because of RED LIPS you say? I’VE BEEN DOING IT ALL WRONG, ALL I NEEDED WAS RED LIPS? Not so much.

We love talking about things you, the reader, the one who makes it all possible, get excited about. And every brand we feature has been personally tried and tested by an expert panel of the most fussiest of eaters, the most high-maintenance of boys and the most demanding of girls. But hey, we’re not going to tell you to go out and try something if we thought it was a waste of time and money. Everyone has off days, though. So equally, we weren’t going name and shame with a cutting review without at least letting them know.

So here are a few products and places we reviewed that left us a bit disappointed. Some were sent to us in the hopes we’d feature them, some were paid for by us. Can you guess who we’re talking about?


1. An apartment that fell apart

Touted as a luxury set of apartments for anyone wanting to experience living like trust fund girls without the millionaire parents, we turned up expecting the high life but were left feeling mega low. From an oven that fell out of its housing when we opened it, to the cleaner who barged in on me having a shower half an hour before check out and then STAYED IN THE APARTMENT WHEN I WAS GETTING TOWELLED AND DRESSED WATCHING ME LIKE A WEIRD CREEP, it was a nightmare of massive proportions.

We spoke to the brand and explained our issues, offering a choice of a less than flattering but 100% honest review or nothing at all. They chose the latter.

2. A health supplement that made us green at the gills

We all know smoothies and shakes designed for good taste can pretty bad. But this was something else. It was meant to be added to your food to kick start a detox. But it honestly made me gag, it tasted halfway between pond water and plastic. I gave it my very best shot and stuck with it for a week, but the constant gagging was killing my stomach muscles. My body obviously didn’t want this green goo in me, so I gave up.

We wrote the review and forwarded it over the the brand for consideration. They thanked us for the feedback and said they’d use it to improve their product in the next phase of testing.

3. A foundation that didn’t build up

Ever since getting a pot of perfect foundation as a sample about ten years ago, I’ve been looking for base cover that will hide my red cheeks and won’t make me look like Barbie. Some have been great, some have been disappointing. This was something else. After shelling out muchos dollar on this brand, I excitedly got home to try it out and started writing it up in true beauty blogger style. The consistency was perfect, but it gave no cover. Like, none at all. As in, I was slathering it on my face, but it wasn’t working. Two weeks after buying it, it was gone.

We emailed the brand to let them know of our disappointment and a draft of the copy. They haven’t replied.

So these are the most memorable disappointments we’ve had. Have you ever tried anything you were certain was perfect for you but fell flat? Have you ever had to send THAT email? Let us know below!