Plaits, gel and ponies: Our hair trends for 2014

Plaits, gel and ponies: Our hair trends for 2014

We’ve watched the catwalks with interest, consulted our crystal balls and are predicting a few hair trends for 2014.

Will bobs be back? Will Ombre be over? Will curls be cut? Here are our 2014 hair trend forecasts.

Messy ponies

If you’re a hairstyling aficionado, looking for a new look or just wanting to inject some pizzazz into your morning routine, next season ponytails are really jumping the hurdles. Try sectioning your hair into three ponytails tied together with ribbon, or backcombed roots with the rest swept up for a messy, carefree look. How about leaving half your hair loose and the other knotted and tied into place? It’s all about being creative and different.

GHDs, crimpers and curlers

Waves and curls with super slicked back roots, full-bodied curls with poker-straight ends. It’s a pick ‘n’ mix, where you can mix and match two or more styles to reflect your mood. We love how this will transform long hair into something far more textured and interesting. While Made in Chelsea/K-Mid blowdried waves have dominated the scene for a while, we’re hoping people will dare to be different and get all their hair styling products involved. Crimpers, curlers and straighteners.

Pleasant peasants

Plaits are a good choice for bed head hair. They’re easy, quick and look smart. This season we’re taking them up a notch, making them more romantic than ever before. The style is a fuzzy, loose look. Don’t worry about making sure every strand of hair is in place. This is about embracing frizz. Summer will see this look really come into play, with oversized flowers and garlands taking peasant plaits up a notch or two.

Choppy crops

You may not dare cutting a short fringe or pixie crop. But choppy, short and messy is a theme we’ll see played over and over again. Blunt bobs cut into a precise messy look. It may look random, but it’s actually a carefully constructed textured style that will suit any face shape. Try a super side parting for a more androgynous look. If you’re fun enough to rock it, 2014’s the time to try a shorter, boyish look!

Trend to avoid: The drowned rat

While a model strutting down the catwalk can pull it off (let’s be honest, they can get away with all manner of extreme styles in the name of fashion) we’re not keen on the wet look. Looking like a drowned rat is never ideal, and even if you try a sleek style, it’s more likely you’ll look like you’ve forgotten to wash your hair for a month. This is one trend we’re hoping doesn’t take off.

What do you think? Will you be trying any out for yourself?