Two winter warming hot cocktails

Created by mixologist Joel Persson for Rekorderlig. Available at bars around the country.

30ml Dark rum
20ml Sweet sherry
10ml Sugar syrup
3 dashes Angostura Bitters
1/2 egg
200-250ml Hot Rekorderlig Winter Cider
Rekorderlig Winter Cider Tankard (250ml)

Mix all the ingredients together in a pan and whisk the egg into them. Heat pan on a stove, stirring gently. Pour into a Rekorderlig tankard. Dust with ground cinnamon, then serve with a candy cane and star anise.

Chinese Winter Punch
Created by mixologist Daniele Ziaco and available at Ping Pong restaurants.

15ml Zacapa Centenario, 23 year old rum
35ml Punch Abruzzo
1 dash of mocolatl mole Bitters
1 sliver orange zest
1 sliver lemon zest
1 cinnamon bark
10 grams of black chocolate tea

Pour Zacapa Centenario, 23 year old rum and Punch Abruzzo into a highball glass and ddd a dash of xocolatl mole Bitters. Drop in orange and lemon zest, and a stick of cinnamon bark. Into a single serve teapot add 10grams of chocolate tea and top with boiling water. Wait at least 45 seconds. Pour the hot tea over the rum, zest and cinnamon, inhale the aromas and enjoy your hot cocktails!