Review: Hotel Megaro, Kings Cross

After attending the launch of Mouth Cancer Action Month (well, the after party anyway) over in ol’ Westminster, a night in a London hotel called. Dentists sure know how to party a night away, and time just flew by speaking to mouth cancer survivor, Rachel, and their families. Before I knew it (and before another drink could be thrust into my hand) time had flown by, so I was prudent enough to book a hotel to save a night bus ride home.

meg view

Hotel Megaro’s* located right off Euston Road. As in, you can stand at the entrance and see St Pancras station in all its glory. It literally couldn’t be any closer unless it was the St Pancras Hotel (but what are you, a millionaire?). To say it’s located in a convenient place would be a massive understatement – Kings Cross can take you to central London, to the city, to Euston and up north, or to Paris and the south.The building’s painted in every colour of the rainbow, a theme that continues inside.

meg facade

I actually walked in through the restaurant, having been to the bar before, but the staff were happy to lead me to reception which is actually based on Belgrove Street. Check-in was simple and hilarious. Dessi and Claudio made a fantastic team and were super friendly, explaining a bit about the hotel and the guests that usually stay. If you ever end up there, ask about the dog masks. There are even toffees on reception for guests to pinch! So needless to say I was happy.

I was given room 617, on the top floor. The lift isn’t great for those with claustrophobia – it’s pretty small and will only really fits two or three people comfortably – but stairs are a viable option if you’re staying on the lower floors.I’d definitely suggest taking the stairs if you don’t like lifts anyway. No one wants to start a holiday with a panic attack.

The room was breathtaking. As I was dashing out to make the launch I flung my bags onto the bed, ate the complimentary pillow mints and whizzed back downstairs. BUT after coming back, I was given a better view of the amenities on offer. Like, for example, the stunning view. You can see Centre Point over on Oxford Street and St Pancras’ Gothic exterior from the floor to ceiling window. Back in the room, there’s a telly with Sky positioned right by the bed, a gorgeous coffee machine and four kinds of tea leaves for those more partial to a brew. There’s an in-room iron, plenty of space to hand clothes and a brilliant desk/make up table. Because clearly the designers know women. You can even ask for your mattress to be soft or hard and they’ll accommodate this for you. How. Amaze.

meg room

The bathroom was spacious and had a huge mirror and fluffy towels. It was very much reminiscent of Thai five star hotels I’ve stayed in before.


Being central, and having to get up mega early for work in the morning, I was concerned about noise. The worst thing about staying in a new bed and new room is barely sleeping a wink. I actually left a message when booking stating I’d love a quiet room, and silently kept my fingers crossed that whoever had made the reservation at the other end actually saw my little message. Thankfully, Room 617 was silent throughout the night. It’s the smallest of all the rooms on that floor according to the in-room fire map, but because it doesn’t overlook the road, even when I opened the window in the morning I could only hear the soft purr of traffic. Granted it was 6am, but still.

Another great factor¬†was in-room services. I’ve never stayed in a more flexible hotel. Fancy a steak? Order it from the menu and it’ll be with you in half an hour. Don’t fancy making it downstairs for the myriad of breakfast options available? Ask for a tray to be brought to your room in the morning. Want a cocktail? Drink in your fluffy robe and slippers while watching a film on tv. You actually get 25% off food and drink while staying too, which is very kind/clever of them. Because we ate at Kalpo that night.

Basically, this is a trendy, boutique hotel in a class of it’s own – purely because I’ve never stayed in a hotel as accommodating, in England anyway. It’s somewhere you could book for a nice night away, or a week-long break in the city with your special someone because you know you’re going to get great service and it’s going to be a wonderfully enjoyable experience. We’ll definitely be back for a weekend to take advantage of everything on offer. I’m just totally gutted I missed the waffle breakfast.

Prices start from £117 for a double room.

Hotel Megaro | Belgrove Street, London, WC1H 8AB | 020 7843 2222

*Keen readers will remember our Megaro Bar review, featuring darkrooms, sexy loos and cinema seats (and awesome cocktails too).