Wanderlust & Envy: The world’s most isolated ...

Wanderlust & Envy: The world’s most isolated hotels

We asked Angie, writer of one of our favourite travel blogs SilverSpoon London, to share her travel secrets and let us in on the best place to get away from it all. Here are her top four totally isolate hotels.

Have you ever dreamt of being in splendid isolation, a chance to truly get away from it all… to be at one with nature, experience a distant land, or simply be alone with the one you love?

I’m one of those people who feels energised by being around my friends and family. I love surrounding myself with people and busy city life. However, some of the best hotels I’ve stayed in have been in remote parts of the world in the middle of nowhere. So why visit these secluded places? Well, let me tell you…

Le Taha’a Island Resort and Spa, French Polynesia

The lush island of Taha’a is located in the Society Islands of French Polynesia. To reach it from London you need to take a fourteen hour flight to LA, an eight hour flight to the main island of Tahiti, a forty minute flight to the island of Raiatea and then finally a thirty-five minute shuttle boat transit to the resort. A journey of nearly twenty-four hours! But Le Taha’a Island Resort and Spa is so isolated it’s not even located on the tiny island of Taha’a it’s actually on a private islet called Motu Tautau…


Mr Silver and I stayed here as part of our honeymoon which also included a stay in LA and Bora Bora, so we didn’t make this epic journey all at once. We took a rather scenic route and hired a boat from Bora Bora to take us the five hour journey to Le Taha’a resort and spa.

And was it worth the journey? The resort is made up of fifty-seven villas, constructed in a traditional Polynesian style, hovering over a shallow lagoon. The private islet is totally luxurious and beautiful with the scent of vanilla floating through the air… could you get more romantic than that? A highlight of our stay here was the night we took an outrigger canoe onto a teeny tiny private island where we enjoyed a five-course dinner and a Tahitian show with a full band and fire dancers performing just for us.

Longitude 131, Australia

There’s something rather magical about Ayers Rock. It’s a three hour flight from Sydney, but totally worth it as it’s such an incredible experience to stay in the middle of the Australian desert.


The hotel, Longitude 131, is made up of fifteen luxuriously appointed tents and each has an incredible view of that awesome sandstone formation. Just because these are tents, it doesn’t mean they’re not luxurious…they were even good enough for royalty and Prince William and Kate Middleton have also stayed there.


Everything is included in the stay at Longitude 131, and the food and drink are incredible. You wouldn’t expect perfectly cooked fresh fish in the middle of the desert, but that is what you get and it’s served with as much champagne as you wish. We were led on an awe-inspiring wilderness trek to see the highlights of both Uluru (the Aboriginal name for Ayer’s Rock) and nearby rock formation, Kata Tjuta. What struck me about this incredible place was the colours; the red hue is due to iron minerals in the surface, but at different times of day the rock seems to glow different shades. It’s just magical.

The Four Seasons, Golden Triangle, Thailand

In the remote hills of Chiang Rai lies a very special Four Seasons Resort… After a four hour drive from the major city of Chiang Mai our driver dropped us off at a small dock. What now? Well, as the hotel is accessible only by the water we climbed into a traditional Thai long tail boat and floated down the Mekong River towards our destination.

Located in the Golden Triangle, which marks the crossroad of Thailand, Laos and Myanmar, the hotel encompasses fifteen lavish tents, decorated in a rustic safari style with hand-made furnishings and a large terrace with a view on to the Thai jungle.


The spot is incredibly secluded and each room is spaced far apart to allow privacy from the other guests. But there are four residents that you will be hoping to see…the quartet of elephants that are owned by the hotel!


All food, activities and excursions are included, the highlight being an elephant trek through the jungle and into the river!

Wolgan Valley, Australia

A mysterious blue haze surrounds the peaks of the mountains that border Sydney…and there is something so incredibly inviting about the beauty of this place. Lying nestled among the Blue Mountains is the incredible Emirates Wolgan Valley Resort and Spa, an eco-friendly conservation area found between two national parks. To get there is a three hour drive from Sydney or you can take a short cut and jump in a helicopter as the resort has it’s own helipad.


Once you arrive at this lofty paradise one of the forty chalets will be your home. I have to say, our room here was probably the best we’ve ever stay in; it was absolutely huge and had it’s own indoor pool and mountain bikes to explore the area.

There were lots of activities for us to do, despite the location being so remote, but the absolute best was the wildlife safari. At sun down the field guides at the resort packed us into their four-by-fours and drove us around Wolgan Valley’s beautiful grounds where we spied kangeroos, wallabies and wallaroos.


After the safari we drank sparkling wine and nibbled on canapes while watching the sun go down…

I journeyed into the mountain peaks, to the middle of the desert, I’ve been secluded in the ocean and stayed in the remote jungle. In all these incredible and very different terrains you can find luxury. beauty, adventure and perfect once-in-a-life time experiences.

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Angie Silver is a London-based luxury lifestyle, food and travel blogger and her blog, SilverSpoon London, documents her adventures across the globe. Angie's husband, Mr Silver, is usually found by her side throughout her stylish travels and culinary journeys.