Review: LAQA & Co. Nail Polish and Lip Pencil

Review: LAQA & Co. Nail Polish and Lip Pencil

New York, New York. One of the most amazing cities in the world. It’s beautiful, full of culture, amazing food (Junior’s Pastrami still sticks in my mind) and stores that would give any shopping addict their fix for weeks to come.

So when we heard about LAQA & Co., a bright and quirky range of lip and nail products that holds its roots in New York, we were intrigued. Their whole outlook is about convenience – beauty for when you’re in a rush. Each one of their products comes in the prettiest packaging designed by young artists all over the world, who get the chance to show their work, and get a cut of every product sold.

They’ve been featured in Cosmopolitan, Beauty Geek, Vogue and have graced Birchboxes too. So, we tried and tested two of their prettiest products. See what we think.


Fairyblood Fat Lip Pencil

Being a huge fan of lip stains, this was the one I was most excited about. The fat pencil is a glossy, peachy lipstick with a slight shimmer – if fairies were real this would definitely be the colour they’d bleed (that sounds weird). My lips are dry and cracked at the moment, and it didn’t sit as smoothly as I’d have liked. But this is due to them being in terrible condition and not the product at all.

Unlike my beloved lip stains which will stay put all day, this needs reapplying every now and then – much like a lipstick – but for lasting power I was impressed.

I probably would have preferred one of the other colours as I like my lips to be bright and bold, so the sold out Ring of Fire in a really luscious red would be better suited for someone looking for more statement pouts.

This is definitely staying in my handbag for a quick, subtle, natural shimmer though.


Hazel Nicholls: Hazel is originally from Ireland, her work being influenced a love of cross stitch and interest in old sayings.

Pimpin’ Nail Polish Pen

I’m never going to be a nail art fan, and I honestly can’t ever see myself spending my time and pennies week in week out for something I could do at home (when I have the time, that is – you can see why beauty with convenience is something I’m massively interested in). So in all fairness, and in the interests of full honesty, I wasn’t ready to be wowed over. It’s a pen and a nail polish. Big whoop.

But actually, it’s so super convenient I prefer this to the lip pencil above. Because I’m one of those people who won’t spend on Shellac, this is such a great alternative. You can either buy the polish counterpart and use the pen as a touch up tool, or just apply the polish direct from the pen. It’s easier to hold than a tiny brush, far less fiddly and means you’ll never risk chipped nails as you could easily use it on the train, at your desk or even sneakily at the bar.

As far as coats go, you’ll need 2-3 to get a really vibrant colour. Pimpin’ is a hot pink which is bang on trend at the moment and one of my favourite shades.


Katie Kirk: Katie is a talented artist from Minneapolis, but has recently hatched a harebrained scheme to travel across the States for an entire year in search of design & inspiration.

Fancy trying a shade? You won’t find them just anywhere, so check their website for details of their stockists. If you’ve used LAQA&CO’s beauty bits, let us know in the comments below!