Wanderlust & Envy: Digital detox at Pacuare L...

Wanderlust & Envy: Digital detox at Pacuare Lodge, Costa Rica

People are doing all kinds of detoxes this time of year. From going sugar-free to banning Twitter, January is the time most decide to rid themselves of the things that drag them down (before caving and chowing down on an entire Toberlone. Totally hasn’t happened to me).

We decided to make detoxing a bit more travel oriented, and went in search of the most remote, signall-less locations we could find. Enter Pacuare Lodge.

The gorgeous eco-lodge boasts electricity-free rooms (good luck charging your iPad), dinner by candlelight, wi-fi restrictions throughout and no phone signal whatsoever. You’re basically in the middle of the jungle.

In fact, getting to the lodge involves a feat of energy. After an off-road drive in a Jeep, you’re sat on a two person cable car and lifted over a river to the lodge. To leave, you’ll be getting wet on a white water raft. Have a look at the gallery below to see just how remote this gorgeous lodge is!

If you fancy giving it a go, Costa Rica Revealed can help.