The 11 stages of packing a suitcase – as tol...

The 11 stages of packing a suitcase – as told in cat gifs

I probably should think about packing for Jamaica soon, but nothing in this world is worse than packing a suitcase. Well. Saying that, unpacking deserves a special place in hell. I’m the master at last-minute packing. I don’t think I’ve ever been organised enough to pack a week or so before going on holiday, let alone a few days before the flight. Usually, it’s a night-before task, that ends up with me sobbing into a tub of Ben & Jerry’s at the trauma of it all. (I suck as a travel blogger.)

So, to illustrate my process, I’ve enlisted the help of cat gifs.

Here are my eleven stages of packing, as told by cats.

1. Remembering you’re going abroad in 16 hours and you have no idea where your suitcase is

2. Finding out you left your holiday hat on a Greek waiter in Kefalonia

(It’s ok though, because those sunnies you bought are still totally on point)

3. Posting sunglasses selfies on twitter and getting totally distracted for seven hours

4. Shoving all your stuff into the suitcase before realising you have too many clothes

5. Halving the amount of clothes, and trying the shoving technique again

6. Unpacking and re-rolling all your clothes like a civilised person so they kinda fit

7. Asking someone for help because you’re nearing a total breakdown and your flight leaves in eight hours

8. Totally checking out and pretending it’s not happening

9. Giving it one more go and throwing everything in, before sitting on your case to zip it up

10. Basking in the glory the task was completed with grace, decorum and with three hours left to spare

11. Looking around and realising you haven’t packed your bikini. It’s ok, you’ll just wear it as underwear on the flight.