Aubrey Organics: a brand with a difference

Aubrey Organics: a brand with a difference

With a cosmetics industry full of brands testing on animals, practising unethical business morals and often putting consumers’ interests last, it’s refreshing to see one quite the opposite. The company was created forty years ago, and their products now sell to 4500 retailers throughout the world.

“Why use something synthetic when something natural works so much better?” That is the philosophy behind Aubrey Organics’ products. They only use natural and organic ingredients from fair trade sources to hand make products, without machinery, in small quantities to ensure freshness. Sounds good, right? So what are the products like?

The first thing I tried was the Complexion Mist, which promises eight-hour hydration to balance and uplift skin, while smoothing and softening it.

Initial impressions were good; the packaging is simple, smooth and sleek and there’s a pump, which is always a plus. As well as the standard list of ingredients, the bottles all include a table that shows one or two particular ingredients, and their “benefits” to skin – a nice touch. The scent is strong, floral, but pleasant. If you aren’t a lover of scented products, this may not be the range for you (although it is important to remember the scents are all from the natural products). I don’t particularly enjoy scented products, but I did find this smell to be quite refreshing.

The product itself feels very moisturising on skin, and was nice to apply in the morning before putting on make-up. I’m always sceptical of products that promise to balance my skin tone and ‘refresh’ my skin, but I did feel as though this brightened my skin, and my make-up sat well after using it. While eight hours of moisturising seems a lot, the bottle claims it is “clinically proven”, and I definitely noticed an improvement in my skin tone.

Secondly was the EveryDay Basics Moisturiser, recommended for normal to dry skin. It promises to improve texture and elasticity for firmer looking skin, using Argan Oil and Aloe Vera. Again, the packaging is simple, with a pump on top to dispense. The scent is, again, strong, and I’m not sure I was as much of a fan as I was previously (the only way I can think to describe it slightly cinnamon-esque), but the product itself feels good quality. The moisturiser has a thick consistency, and feels creamy. My skin does feel incredibly soft after putting it on, and this seems as though it would be a good staple.

The third product is the Revitalising Therapy Moisturiser, aimed at a target market older than myself. It’s a “rich, moisturising treatment” that reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for a “vibrant” and “youthful” complexion. The packaging on this product was definitely my favourite – as well as coming in a box (a box makes everything seem fancier doesn’t it?), the tube was longer and thinner, with a more substantial lid. The packaging for this product feels very good quality, and I would definitely be happy to have this out on my dressing table. I hate to be negative, but I absolutely couldn’t stand the smell of this product – it is very strong, so if you’re at all put off by scents then I wouldn’t recommend it. The moisturiser uses Rose Mosqueta Oil and Alaria Esculenta Extract amongst other natural ingredients. As I’m not in need of removing fine lines and wrinkles, I handed this product over to my mum to have a try.

She liked the product – she said it was very moisturising, felt soft on the skin and did brighten the complexion. Although I think everyone is sceptical of products that promise to be anti-ageing, with extended use my mum believes that this product would help to minimise the appearance of fine lines.

I was impressed by my first taste of Aubrey Organics. A cosmetic line with ethical values is important, and the fact that they make their products by hand particularly impressed me, a practice that must be incredibly rare. The products were very good, they did the job they claimed to and felt good on the skin. My only complaint would be that the scents are particularly strong and I was wary about putting them on my sensitive skin (although I didn’t have any reaction). If you fancy products that feel luxurious and are entirely natural, visit their website at for more information.

By Lauren Cope.