Megaro Bar Review

Kings Cross is making a comeback. My mum remembers it way back in the 60s, calling it the kind of place you’d arrive at the station and make a quick exit. Now, fifty years later, it’s seeing a comeback with a whole host of boutique hotels and new bars hitting the once-dodgy area.

So always ones to keep up with the lastest fun and unusual places to drink, six out of ten decided to pay one of Kings Cross’ newest bars, Megaro, a visit.

Megaro Bar review

It’s sat underneath Hotel Megaro down a dark set of stairs which are illuminated by a Darkroom in Use sign. And that theme continues underground, with a Picture Room, showcasing local photographers’ photos, and a velvet room complete with cinema seats, rich crimson drapes and candles. Very saucy. We definitely got the subtle harks back to Kings Cross’ red light days (especially with the knickers and pants on the bathroom doors).

The drinks. We sampled the Lavender Hill Mob Fizz, and Machaska Daisy, made with an unusual blend of purées and spirits. This is the kind of place you don’t go if you’re in the mood for a ‘Spoons’ style Pornstar Martini or Strawberry Daiquiri, although if you’re gasping for a gimlet the bar staff will happily knock one up for you. No, their drinks are about flavours, mixing and creating their own sugar syrups and floral infusions.

Speaking to the manager, he told us there’s a story behind all the drinks stocked at the bar. So the gin here isn’t a traditional Bombay Sapphire or Gordon’s. No, they stock a London brand, distilled here in the city. Awesome, huh? And all the bottles are lined up according to flavour and intensity, which is why my favourite peaty whisky, Laphroaig, was at the very end. It’s that attention to detail that really impressed us.

It’s a really lovely little place, a great bar to take friends or that special someone. The staff know there stuff and the setting is a real treat. You may find yourself blushing at what’s on offer, but isn’t that half the fun of exploring?

Hotel Megaro | 23-27 Euston Road, London, NW1 2SD | Megaro Bar