Here’s how to… have an awesome date ni...

Here’s how to… have an awesome date night without spending a fortune (and without seeming like a cheapskate either)

According to research by dating site, us Brits have completely changed our dating habits thanks to the double dip recession we’ve been dealing with the past few years.

Rather than splash out on romantic trips to Paris with our partners, we’re more interested in saving the pennies. In a survey of 1,000 people, 83% of women said they wouldn’t want to spend more than £20 on a first date. And while half admitted they wouldn’t date a man who was unemployed, men were much more forgiving with 90% saying it didn’t matter whether their lady had a job or not.

But whatever the financial climate, there’s no excuse for giving love a miss. Try these tips for seducing that special someone.

Bring the romance home.

Nothing says lovin’ like a home-cooked candlelit meal in the garden or on your terrace. Whip up your speciality dish or get a supermarket Dine in for £10 deal if your culinary skills aren’t much to shout about. Your other half will appreciate the effort.

Don’t pay double for bubbles.

If you’re no wine expert, then don’t pretend to be! Most can’t tell the difference between good champagne and a bottle of plonk, so why pay more? Instead of pricey Veuve Clicquot, buy a bottle of Prosecco. It’s much cheaper and still sparkles like the real deal. It’ll be sure to put you in a romantic mood. If you want to splash out on more, Blue Nun (Alan Partridge’s wine of choice) have a created a sparkling wine with real gold flecks in it, and it’s only £7! Read our review here.

At the end of the day…

Traditionally, date night is Friday or Saturday meaning no rush to get to work the morning after. However there’s a brilliant reason for changing your date night to mid-week – loads of restaurants offer deals. Even better, it means you can be spontaneous and surprise your special someone on a night they won’t expect! For a double whammy, offers vouchers you can use at your favourite spots.

It’s a free country.

There are always loads of free local events happening.  Visit a museum or gallery, go for a romantic stroll or find a local class you can get involved in. Trying something new with your other half is bound to make you feel closer.

Get personal.

If you want to spoil your loved one with presents, take a minute to think about what you’re giving them. Gifts like perfume aren’t particularly original and can be pricey. Think about making your other half a gift that fits his or her personality and doesn’t cost a lot of money; a picture collage, a meal in a fort built with your own hands, or an hour-long massage. Make sure you take the time and effort to create a gift he or she will truly love, and don’t wait until the last second. No one wants to be in the same shoes as Chandler and his mixtape

Wine and dine.

Of course, there will be those celebrations that deserve a little something extra. So if you really want to hit an expensive eatery but don’t have the budget to do so, think about heading there for a few drinks and dessert instead. That way, you can experience the romantic ambience without breaking the bank.

What are your tips for frugal funtimes with your partner? Let us know in the comments below, or tweet your ideas and suggestions to @sixoutoftenmag.