Summer skin: do you know your A+ BB, CC and DD cre...

Summer skin: do you know your A+ BB, CC and DD creams?

First it was foundations. Then tinted moisturisers. Then the beauty world was hit with BB cream, followed by CC and now DD creams.

It seems the quest for us to feel comfortable with our own skin (as well as taking up basic letters of the alphabet) is one we still strive for to this day. And cosmetic companies have latched on to our quest for a flawless face.

Ask any woman what they think about their foundation and you’ll hear the same old: I don’t get enough coverage, I don’t like how it doesn’t last all day, I find it difficult to keep it on through the summer months. Unless you’re a lucky one who’s found your perfect foundation (I salute you – congratulations) or you have model-perfect skin and don’t need foundation (in that case I hate you a little) then most of us need a little help in the foundation department.

Whereas winter is all about moisture and protection from the evils of air-con and central heating, summer brings its own skin challenges. And I’ve come to a stunning conclusion: it’s time to drop the foundation in place of embracing and exploring other products to help us all. After all, we’re all in this together! So here’s a handy guide to getting the coverage you want throughout the (hopefully) hot weather to come.

BB Creams

For blemishes. BBs give us light to medium buildable coverage which allows the best part of our skin to shine through. They usually have a high SPF in them and are great for when you want to put on and go. BB creams require little effort (no buffing required) and you won’t need a brush to apply, using your fingers is actually the best way to get even coverage. My two top picks include:

Dior Nude BB Cream

The best invention since sliced bread. This BB cream offers a ‘balm effect’ on the skin which allows your skin to glow but provides a layer of cream (like a foundation but much lighter) so you don’t feel totally barefaced. It comes in two shades, either 001 (pink undertone) or 002 (golden undertone). A huge bonus is that coverage lasts for 10 hours and can be built up to transform from day make up to a more glam look if you so desired.

The Body Shop All In One BB Cream

The Body Shop’s version transforms from a white cream to suit any skin tone with pigment-filled capsules. Sounds impressive, because when applied it releases a pigment to match your skin tone. Just blend for a perfect match and an even, undetectable finish. It’s make up and skincare in one, so perfect for those whose skin needs a bit of TLC.

CC Creams

For colour correction. CC creams are designed to help our skin with specific challenges, unlike BB creams which tend to have more in common with a tinted moisturiser. Instead of just covering blemishes, they target life’s little nasties, like pollution and the odd spot. It is designed to provide us with coverage but essentially has a more intense skin care built into it.

Clinique Moisture Surge CC Cream

This CC cream is suitable for all skin types and is uniquely formulated to help us on the days when our skin looks ‘different’, too red, sallow, dull or ashy.  It turns a bad skin day into a good skin day, a must for those who need a bit of a beauty boost.

L’Oreal Paris Nude Magique CC Cream

The L’Oreal CC cream has an Anti-Redness ingredient which works with your natural tone to help neutralise the appearance of rosy cheeks. Smart pigment capsules in the form of a light green hydrator transforms into foundation on contact with your your skin. Definitely a must for broken capillaries or after catching a bit too much sun (when it decides to make an appearance).

DD Creams

These are brand spanking new and yet to be brought into the mass market. Originally thought to be all about defence, Julep, the creators of the first DD cream, aims to provide us with all the benefits of the BB and CC creams in one. Anti-ageing, totally moisturising, colour correcting and all-covering, it’s the wonder cream we’ve been dreaming of.

Julep DD Cream
(pre-order it for $36.00)

This is the one cream to watch. With a growing waiting list and mass celeb following, I’m sure we’ll see more DD creams flood onto the market as they become more and more popular.

What’s that I hear? You don’t want to wear BB, or CC, or even DD creams? We understand. While they’re great for your skin, the downsides are that they come in limited shades and their SPF can be limited if you’re a fan of the barely there look. So here are the two most long-lasting light to medium coverage foundations that are ideal for those special summer nights.

YSL Touché Éclat Foundation

This foundation has been in the pipeline for 20 years. As the success of the Touché Éclat Highlighter pen became more popular day by day, women across the world begged for a foundation to match. Luckily, they listened. One squirt is enough to cover the whole face and works best when applied with a brush. Obviously, this can differ depending on your preference, but I prefer to use a brush for a more HD effect. You can technically use a powder on top, but this defeats the point really, as the foundation is perfect for a fresh dewy look.

Collection Cover & Go Foundation

This foundation gives a light to dark coverage range, and is perfect if you want to build a more robust base. It’s very creamy and has a lightweight feel on the skin. Collection’s concealer is a godsend in terms of covering those pesky dark circles, and we all know this is destined to be twice as good. It comes as a two-in-one and has a mirror on the cap so we can top up on the go. Perfect for topping up foundation on the morning commute.

So beauties, to achieve perfect summer skin use a mix of the above to get a flawless face this summer.  Make sure to blend, blend, blend, and build up coverage in certain areas of the skin for staying power! The most important thing? Wear a high SPF even on those traditional cloudy summer days. It’s far easier to look after your skin now than repair the wrinkles later down the line!

What do you think? Are you a fan of alphabet creams, or a firm foundation fanatic? Let us know your summer suggestions below or at @sixoutoftenmag.