Calling all cat ladies! The top five cat t-shirts ...

Calling all cat ladies! The top five cat t-shirts for all occasions

It’s fair to say we love our feline friends here. So what better way to tell the world you’re a loving, caring cat lady than with your very own cat tee? I apologise in advance for the clawful puns (LOL).

Here’s our pick of the best:

Cat t-shirt from These Folk featuring all cat breeds. Basically, lots of cats on this tee

These folks have designed a t-shirt worthy of any beginner cat fan. Called Copious Cats, we assume because it literally features every type of feline. There are Bengal cats, Persian cats and Scottish fold cats… it’s a must for anyone who needs to brush up on their breed identification skills. Team this tee with skinny jeans and a retro Casio watch for full vintage effect. Have a look at their website for the full glorious image.

This purrfect t-shirt costs £20 (sadly no longer available)
Cat jumpers are also available.

Cat t-shirt showing two cats beating up a dog

We know there’s a cat/dog divide. And let’s not even bring the rabbits into it. Surfdome have proved who the real bitches are with this Blood is the New Black cat vest, handily called Cat Power. It features two cats, one in heels (awesome), kicking what looks like a hipster or fifties style dog in the balls, set on a delicate lavender vest. Pretty, and powerful. It’s clear whose side you’re on. Wear this with leather leggings and heels.

This tee has plenty of catitude, and costs £33.99

A royal cat weaing a crown and pendant.

Any cat-fan will tell you cats were worshipped as gods in Egypt, and they’ll also tell you the cat community has never forgotten it. So while our Queen may be more partial to a puppy than a purring kitten, this jumper’s all about rocking the royal look. Featuring a fluffy cat wearing a crown, the guys and girls at Etsy’s WLCShop print onto comfy Fruit of the Loom jumpers. If a regal feline isn’t your bag, the three wise cats, see no evil, hear no evil, meow no evil might be more your thing.

This pawsitively pretty jumper’s only £19.99

Dreamy vintage-inspired cat t-shirt sowing delicate flowers and a white fluffy cat

For something a bit more dreamy, The Aviary has a hand-printed t-shirt called Stray Cats and Forgotten Gardens. Featuring a delicate flower design and a fluffier-than-fluffy white cat, it’s perfect for those carefree walks with your cat through a country park. A simple black and white print, this would go well with denim shorts.

This t-shirt’s available right meow for £22.

A funny cat t-shirt featiring a blue cat with an arrow saying cat nip

Catnip is the most popular cat drug of choice. It sends our purring kitties around the bend, up the stairs, down again, behind the sofa, up the stairs for the second time and finally biting your ankle before sprinting away all pepped on ‘nip. Have a look at Ohh Deer for this simple and punny tee. Featuring a fat blue cat lazing about, as they always do, this would go well with jeans and a cardi.

We’re not kitten, this tee costs £20.

We know it might be a bit too chilly to rock up to work showing off your awesome cat t-shirt, bare arms and all, so Surfdome also have a catchy ring which can be worn in any weather. The Zara Taylor Cat Ring is just adorable!And at £14.99, it’s a perfect piece of statement jewellery.